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actually the plural is netzflick

A nice thing about this site is that your mentions don’t become intolerable just because a bunch of people reshared something you said.

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Just heard someone getting out of a Lyft say “Thank you, five stars to you too!” I think this is a delightful send-off we should all use in many circumstances

What do you call a Mastodon instance for noodle lovers? Show more

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Welcome to all new users on, and all new users everywhere else on the fediverse!

@kev wrote an inofficial primer that you might find useful:

@noelle wrote an inofficial FAQ you might find useful:

I hope you have a good time and stick around. :toot:

Going out with a TV series pitch today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Keith Calder boosted is the most well put explanation of what type of "data privacy" you can expect on #Mastodon.

Thanks @darius for writing this.

It's so nice also to see how well the email analogy works to explain Mastodon federation.

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I think about this Phil Tippett quote about creative mismanagement a lot

Oh no! The Teen Choice Awards ratings sink to all time low. I guess they'll have to add an "Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film" award to next year's ceremony.

I wonder if agents realize how insulting it is to cancel a lunch meeting three hours before the appointment, and then have their assistant propose a new lunch time three months in the future. I didn’t even request this meeting in the first place!

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Mastodon Meta Show more

@darius the baristas at Intelligentsia are big fans of the Starbucks glitch logo t-shirt I’m wearing today

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I’m so glad Mastodon doesn’t have “quote RT.” So many of the problems at Twitter were magnified by how heavily the company pushed the “quote RT” dynamic. Just a series of UI/feature decisions that magnified bad behavior. invite info Show more

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This is fascinating. Had no idea this was a way people try to shortcut a normal pitch/development process.

Some explanation: the “local” timeline is anything said publicly by a person on our instance of Mastodon. The “federated” timeline (from what I understand) is anything said publicly by anyone on our local instance AND anything said publicly by external people that a “local” person follows. As people on follow more off-network people, the federated timeline will become a lot busier.

I caught up with the new Starz show “Vida” and it’s fantastic. I highly recommend!