Creative industries are rife with survivorship bias.

Trying to make a living as a creator is a risky proposition. Taking on student loans is a massive gamble. Quitting your job to pursue creating can be disastrous.

Think carefully before you leap without a safety net.


It's fine, you're every bit the same amount of a "real" creator as the person who makes their money from creating.

Money does not legitimize you as a creator.

Every generation gets the Slack logo it deserves.

Petition to change the phrase from “like white on rice” to “like white on F*R*I*E*N*D*S”

Friendly note for creators.

What you can control:

1. What you practice
2. How much you practice
3. How you direct your energy
4. Your technique
5. Your expectations

What you can't control:

1. Results
2. Fame
3. Luck
4. Others
5. Ranking algorithms
6. Trends

I don't understand the appeal of reality TV shows about celebrities being mediocre in the fields they're not famous for.

Are they going to release a version of ALITA with normal eyes?

"*|IF:FNAME*Hey Test First Name >>,*|ELSE:|*Hey,"

This mailing list FINALLY got my name right!

I just found a gift certificate to Sam Goody that expired on June 11, 2003. I have no clue why I was holding onto this for 15+ years.

I’m at a restaurant in LA with some of the best coffee in the city, and the guy next to me just sent back his espresso saying “this is the worst espresso I’ve ever had in my life” and I’m reminded simultaneously that taste is wholly subjective and that some people are huge assholes.

“Tangy” food is spicy food for white folk.

ALWAYS TIP IN CASH! I just found out that Amazon, Doordash, Postmates, Instacart, and other similar delivery services do this…

99% of the time, when Americans are complaining about “Chinese food” they’re actually complaining about the inauthentic nonsense cuisine that Chinese restaurants know Americans will actually order.

I prefer typing on my iPad Pro keyboard case than on my MacBook Pro. That really shouldn't be the case.

Dominos pizza even looks gross in commercials for Dominos pizza.

The iPad Pro is a better computer than the MacBook Pro.

I wish every iOS app had a standard gesture that would just let me get back to whatever the “home” interface element is of the app, instead of clicking the “back” button X times.

Some businessy guy at the table next to me is referring to Telltale Games as a “successful game company.” Should I break the news to him?

Old white dude at the table next to me is telling a woman that he has no interest in seeing Spider-verse because he doesn’t like cartoons. I’m seething here.

I blogged about Philip Pullman’s “Daemon Voices: On Story and Storytelling”

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Dear Friend,

I have created this Mastodon instance as a resource for people who work within and around the film and television industry. I'm not going to be enforcing that goal strictly, but I hope that people like you will keep this in mind as you're inviting friends to join. There are plenty of other public Mastodon instances like mastodon dot social out there for your non-industry friends, and you'll still be able to follow any of those people just like on Twitter. Also, please don't be intimidated by all the weird language that surrounds how Mastodon works. It's pretty self-explanatory when you start using it.

My hope is that Mastodon in general and in specific will allow an alternative to Twitter. This should be a fun place for people to discuss film and filmmaking on the "local" timeline, and also access a broader social network via the "federated" timeline.

I will be actively pruning our member list to maintain a positive experience. For now, that means I will be a benevolent dictator when it comes to kicking out harassers, spammers, and other ne'er-do-wells. If this turns into a bigger task than I can handle, then I'll have to come up with a better long-term solution.

If you would like to join this Mastodon instance, then please email and include a brief description of your involvement with the film and/or TV industries.